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About Us

Exotic Seeds Shop is a privately owned company based in Europe. With warehouses in Germany, Bulgaria and Cyprus, we are well established in the european market and are delivering our products worldwide. Formed in 2005, we currently have a catalogue of more than 1400 species of rare exotic plant seeds. We trade on most platforms on Amazon (USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France and Spain) where we are consistently the top seller in the category Home&Garden. 

With a wide knowledge in growing exotic plants from seeds, we will share our experience with you. We offer a large range of very rare seeds, which you will not find in a garden center. Especially we are focussed on carnivorous plant seeds, bamboo seeds, orchid seeds, cactus and succulent seeds. We do not keep large stock in our warehouse and receive fresh seeds a few times a year from our collectors. Therefore we can ensure always a high quality of our seeds.