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Dimorphotheca pluvialis - Rain daisy - 15 seeds

Dimorphotheca pluvialis - Rain daisy - 15 seeds


Dimorphotheca pluvialis, also known as rain daisy is an annual herb to 30 cm high. Dimorphotheca pluvialis produces a massive number of purple flowers with white ray florets which have a purple band at the base, 30 - 45 mm diameter. These sun loving daisies only open with the warmth of the sun from about 10 o’clock in morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon. As the sun moves across the sky their flowers follow, always facing the sun.The seeds are interesting in that two different forms are produced. The ones we usually sow are flat, papery and fly away easily in the wind. They are formed in the center of the flower by the disk florets. The outer ray florets form seeds which looks like little thorns with a thick coats. Under favorable conditions the papery seed of the disk florets germinate in abundance, while the seeds of the ray florets have delayed germination to protect the species against unpredictable conditions in their arid environment. Dimorphotheca pluvialis grows easily form seed. The best time to sow is in autumn directly into the planting beds or first in seed trays or seedbeds from where the seedlings can be planted out. The seeds can be lightly covered with sand or fine milled bark. Germination is fast, usually within 4 days. The annuals transplant well and within 3 –4 weeks after germination they usually a good size to handle. Text: Liesl van der Walt.

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