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Arctotis stoechadifolia - silver arctotis - 15 seeds

Arctotis stoechadifolia - silver arctotis - 15 seeds


Arctotis stoechadifolia, silver arctotis is a sprawling perennial with beautiful creamy flowers. The showy flowers are large, single daisies with long, creamy to light yellow petals that are marked with red/maroon underneath. The centre of the flowers is black. Flowering for a few months from spring to summer (September-December), the silver arctotis creates quite a show with masses of flowers. Typical for Arctotis, the flowers only open with sunlight; the flowerheads curve down as they start to seed, only straightening up when the seed is ready to be blown away by the wind. The big, fluffy seeds ripen quickly within weeks after flowering and are easy to collect as they loosen and fall from the seed head. Arctotis species and hybrids are very popular garden plants across the world as they are easy to grow and very floriferous, with large flowers in a range of colours. Arctotis stoechadifolia is easy to grow but must be planted in full sun and soil with good drainage. Black, hairy worms attack plants in the garden and nursery, but it is not necessary to spray as they seldom do serious damage and the tough plants resprout vigorously.

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