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Dais cotinifolia - Pompon tree - 10 seeds

Dais cotinifolia - Pompon tree - 10 seeds


Dais cotinifolia, aslo known as pompon tree is a small tree growing only to 6 m, with a lovely rounded, leafy crown. Dais cotinifolia can be single- or multi-stemmed, with the brown stems covered in small speckles of whitish cork. The smooth, simple leaves are bright green, sometimes with a slight bluish tinge on the upper side. The veins of the leaves are a translucent yellow colour, forming very clear patterns as they run through the leaves. The pompon tree flowers in early summer. The new flower buds look like lollypops, with big round heads on long thin stems at the end of the branches. The green heads pop open with the many small flowers in tight bunches inside, looking like pink fluff balls.

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