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Cyphostemma juttae - Wild grape - 3 seeds

Cyphostemma juttae - Wild grape - 3 seeds


Cyphostemma juttae, also called wild grape is a very sought-after plant for the garden, as are other caudiciform plants such as baobabs, adeniums and tylecodons. They make superb container or open garden subjects in and around the garden, especially around swimming pools and courtyards. Because Cyphostemma juttae grows mainly in the summer, plants must be kept dry during the colder winter months. Cyphostemma juttae are ideal accent plants for a rockery, or may be planted in a large container on a sunny protected patio. Leaves are large, shiny, ovate, fleshy and toothed and fall off during the winter months. Flowers are inconspicuous, but the large grape-like bunches of bright wine-coloured berries near the end of summer make this succulent a true showpiece for container and garden alike.

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