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Agapanthus africanus - African Lily - 20 seeds

Agapanthus africanus - African Lily - 20 seeds


Agapanthus africanus, called african lily is an attractive, tuberous plant with flowers nodding in umbels, blue to purple, 30 - 50 mm long. There are 6 different species of Agapanthus in South Africa that are endemic to South Africa, occurring nowhere else in the world. The botanical name, Agapanthus, is derived from the Greek agape (love) and anthos (flower). Growing Agapanthus: all of the species of Agapanthus are excellent garden subjects. Agapanthus africanus is popular throughout the world, some having been cultivated in Europe since the late 17th century. The african lily is generally easy to cultivate and require little attention once established. Agapanthus africanus grows well in most soils, but will thrive in a rich, well drained, composted soil. Agapanthus should be planted in full sun for best flowering. Agapanthus are easy to propagate from seed. Sow the seed in deep seedling trays in a well drained seedling mix and place in a semi-shade area ensuring that they do not dry out. The drooping agapanthus is used traditionally as a good luck charm. Text: Sharon Turner.

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